India is a delightful and swindling spot, where sacred bovines wander along the boulevards, loll on sublime shorelines alongside cutting edge inns and where antiquated sanctuaries sit consummately at home other than glossy new workplaces.

The most puzzling of nations, India is a determined ambush on the majority of the faculties without a moment's delay. It is a phenomenal spot, one of the world's extraordinary human blends where an unbelievable cluster of societies, religions and ethnicities live in sensible amicability. It abounds with one-6th of the planet's populace from rustic towns where life hasn't changed for a long time, to ultra-present day urban communities like Mumbai that overflow western sensibilities. India is just limitless, fluctuated and, most importantly, extraordinarily delightful.

You could spend a lifetime investigating the echoes of antiquated societies, and the nation's sensational scenes, including the strong Himalayas. The most much of the time went to a piece of India is the Golden Triangle, contained ofDelhi, Agra and Jaipur. The individuals stuffed urban communities of Mumbai (Bombay) and Kolkata (Calcutta) have a clamoring, brilliant appeal, while the heavenly city of Varanasi and the amazing sanctuaries of Tamil Nadu are remunerating spots of journey. Antiquated frescoes are on perspective in the Anjanta Caves in Maharastra and specked crosswise over India are 28 World Heritage Sites. Each district in India is stippled with an unmatched profundity of history, differing qualities in societies and dialect, landmarks and magnificence of settings.

As a visitor there is something to pander to each taste be it adrenaline-fuelled investigations, sumptuous spoiling or basically unwinding. India's genuine appeal and enchantment originates from the sheer variety of things to do in every area: In Delhi, get a rickshaw through the tight paths to the Red Fort, take a ride on the new world-class metro or visit it's radiant Lodhi Gardens. Maybe you would favor a more wonderful regard, for example, coasting on a houseboat through Kerala's marvelous scenes. You can decide to be overpowered by the striking hues and overwhelming smells of a flavor market. Alternately in Rajasthan, you can skip here and there on a camel through the magical abandons or sweat with local people on a train through mountainside tea manors. What's more, regardless of the possibility that you do all that, you still won't have touched the most superficial layer.

Still, India is a miracle wrapped in inconsistencies. It is difficult to disregard the way that it has uncommon presentations of riches as it does neediness. Advanced building design and corporate parks are developing however there is still a scarcity of framework. Notwithstanding, as a visitor there are dependable approaches to visit as talked about in this aide.

Try not to hope to retain all it brings to the table in one visit, this is a nation best drew closer as one would a buffet. It's an a great deal more attractive experience on the off chance that you take a testing of what is on offer and after that return to for additional.

It can be a confounding and now and again a staggering spot to visit yet one thing is for sure, regardless of that you are so prepared to leave before the end of your excursion, inside of a couple of days after takeoff, you'll be yearning to return.

India Culture


Around 80% Hindu, 13% Muslim, with Sikh, Christian, Jain, Parsi and Buddhist minorities.

Social traditions:

The customary Hindu welcome is to crease the hands, tilt the head forward and say namaste. Indian ladies for the most part incline toward not to shake hands. All guests are requested that evacuate footwear when entering spots of religious love. Most Indians likewise uproot their footwear when entering their homes; guests ought to stick to this same pattern. Numerous Hindus are veggie lover and numerous, particularly ladies, don't drink liquor. Most Sikhs and Parsis don't smoke. Ladies are relied upon to dress unobtrusively and men ought to likewise dress deferentially. Ladies ought not wear short skirts and tight or uncovering attire, albeit there is a more easygoing way to deal with garments in Goa.

Language in India:

Hindi is the official dialect of India and, utilized by around 40% of the populace, India's most broadly talked. English is additionally cherished in the constitution for an extensive variety of authority purposes. Also, 18 territorial dialects are perceived by the constitution. These incorporate Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya and Punjabi, which are utilized as a part of particular districts, and Tamil and Telugu, which are normal in the south. Other territorial dialects incorporate Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi. The Muslim populace to a great extent communicates in Urdu.

Most global understudies and guests to India commend the warm, inviting environment and the neighborliness of the Indians they are connected with and structure deep rooted kinships with them.

Living in India is protected. Per capita wrongdoing rates in India are low. From an International students's point of view, most Indians are peace-adoring, center way arranged, cheerful and kind people. Hostility and remorselessness does not fall into place without a hitch for them.

Living in India is exceptionally modest. Most International understudies have an extremely agreeable and safe living background for as low as US$150 every month. Like in any general public, India offers numerous expense alternatives. There are 7-star, exclusive, recently constructed townhouse edifices that cost a pack and afterward there are protected, good flats in better neighborhoods that lease for a sensible sum. You can pick your alternative relying upon your financial plan and your fancied way of life.

Students Hostels

A considerable lot of the schools have a lodging or quarters office for their understudies. The greater part of these lodgings are expected for Indian understudies who are on a financial plan and searching for conservative lodging. While they offer protected and open to living quarters, they may force a few confinements on the ways of life that some worldwide understudies may be usual to. This alternative is suggested for those global understudies on a financial plan, exceptionally accommodative and persistent in nature, why should willing give up a bit on their way of life.

Leasing naturally

Understudies have the alternative of leasing lodging naturally. The general standards incorporate a month to month rental expense and a 10 month store to be paid ahead of time. Understudies can lease a condo all alone or offer a loft with different understudies. On the off chance that this alternative is suitable for you then STUDYHELPDESK can help you in discovering a house.

Administration Apartment

The administration loft is made to look and feel precisely like a home. An administration condo by and large gives you an Air-condition or Non AC outfitted level, prepared kitchen, TV, ice chest, clothes washer, landline, web, power go down, flame wellbeing & security and some even give you a locker. Cleaning is done ordinary furthermore has the procurement at an additional expense for clothing administrations. The duty charge relies on upon to what extent is the stay, area and Service supplier. The vast majority of these suppliers demand a security store to be paid ahead of time.

Data for Foreign Students


Arriving on an alternate soil, miles far from your home and family can be exceptionally discomforting. Nothing can help you superior to anything being readied for this change. Knowing somewhat about the city you are going to land in, its traditions, individuals and standards and regulations dependably makes a difference.

Here is a rundown of things that you ought to remember, in the wake of arriving in India.

Traditions Formalities:

This is the first thing you'll have to deal with. Understudies are by and large needed to make an oral stuff assertion in admiration of things and outside money in their ownership when they arrive in India. They are likewise needed to get the Currency Declaration Form from the Customs. They ought to fill in the Disembarkation Card gave over to them by the aircraft throughout the flight.

There are two channels for clearance:

Green Channel: For passengers not in possession of any dutiable articles or unaccompanied baggage. 
Red Channel: For passengers in possession of dutiable articles or unaccompanied baggage or high value articles. High esteem articles are to be entered on the visitor Baggage Re-Export Form.

Studyhelpdesk encourages gathering of understudies on landing in airplane terminal.

On the off chance that you are all alone, then dependably go for a pre-paid taxi. They are more solid than the ones you would get outside the air terminal.

Trade your outside coin for some Indian rupees. It's ideal to make all installments in the nearby cash.

Convey helpful change. A telephone call from an open corner expenses Rs.1 (This obliges you to convey the coins.)

It's a smart thought to buy a city guide immediately, with the goal that you don't free your ability to read a compass in another city. Maps are accessible at each bookshop at the air terminal.

ON JOINING/DURING STAY Once you've settled in your new environment, guarantee that you finish the accompanying customs and research material

English Medium

Medium of direction is an exceptionally pivotal calculate deciding the nature of educational program exchange and the level of accomplishment.

Each Indian college has English as the medium of guideline and most Indian colleges consider a decent information of English as a pre-imperative to seeking after scholastic studies.

For the Humanities, Social sciences and Commerce courses, the medium of guideline is both English and local dialects yet in the event of expert courses, science and specialized subjects, English is only utilized for instructing. Postgraduate training is taught in English in the greater part of the instructive organizations.

For global understudies frail in English, most schools and colleges conduct exceptional English dialect and correspondence courses.

India is the third biggest English talking populace on the planet and subsequently it is a spot where remote nationals feel at home.

Top English Speaking Countries


English Speaking People


280 million


72 million


61 million


31 million


20 million


4 million

Population Data Source: Population Reference Bureau, Washington, DC

Admission Formalities

Contact the Registrar or outside students counsel of the college/foundation, or the individual leader of the office to deal with the Admission customs.

Therapeutic Examination and AIDS Test

Every single universal students coming to India for studies need to experience a restorative test for AIDS. The Foreigner's Regional Registration Office (FRRO) obliges this test as a pre-imperative for getting the living arrangement license structure.


All understudies staying in India, longer than 6 months are obliged to enlist with FRRO.

The accompanying records are needed at the season of enrollment with the Foreigners Registration Officer.

  1. Photocopy of the international ID and introductory visa.
  2. Four photos of the candidate.

iii.         Details of habitation in India.

  1. HIV test report from one of the WHO perceived organizations for individuals in the age gathering of 15 to 60 years, if the nonnative is going to India on a visa for over one year.
  2. Bona-fide authentication from the University/College/Institution in the event of students visa.
  3. Proof of a ledger/adequate trusts, for non-grant understudies


>>The methodology for confirmation is given beneath:


Step 1: Queries, Clarifications over Email/Phone/Letter/Personal Contact

Step 2: Select the course and school

Step 3: Submit application structure for Admission

Forward the accompanying to us:

  • Application shape rightfully filled in with all fenced in areas
  • Demand Draft payable in USD 1100* (Including Application Fee 100 USD and Service Charge)

Step 4: Get the temporary Admission letter from the STUDYHELPDESK , so as to acquire the visa.

Step 5: Show this letter to the Indian Embassy in the individual nation and get an students visa supported to establishment. NRI understudies don't oblige a visa.

Step 6: Report to the foundation for Admission. Fill the lasting Admission shape and submit it with the accompanying records (in unique alongside a Photostat duplicate):

  • a. Degree/Pass Certificate of the qualifying examination
  • b. Imprint rundown of qualifying examination.
  • c. Students visa in unique.
  • d. A Photostat duplicate of their identification - appropriately authenticated by a legal official.


Note: The first testaments will be come back to the understudies quickly subsequent to making an underwriting to this impact.

Step 7: Undergo the medicinal examination and get the therapeutic wellness declaration. According to government runs every single worldwide students entering India on students visa must be tried for HIV and won't be given Admission if discovered to be certain. Every single universal students will be obliged to pay therapeutic charges of US $ 50, which incorporates the restorative protection spread for the first year. For ensuing years the restorative protection expenses will be same with respect to other Indian understudies and is incorporated in different charges.

Step 8: Appear for the capability test in English, if any according to Admission prerequisite of the Institution. This is just pertinent, if the qualifying examination is not in the English medium.

Step 9: Admission of global understudies will be affirmed when confirmation of unique authentications, therapeutic wellness test and installment of obliged charges.

Step 10: Within a week of landing in India enlist their names with the police in the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) of the local Police.

Moderate Fee and cost of Living

The quality of Indian education is comparable to the best available anywhere in the world, while the costs are less and affordable.

International Students has to mainly deal with

Accommodation Rent
Utilities like electricity, water, gas, internet
• Phone bills
• Text and reference books
• Other elements which may differ from person to person would be:
• Dining out
• Travel and Vacation
• Cable TV connection


International students can avail fee waiving on the criteria of merit strictly. Candidate with strong academics, good performance in standardised exams and extracurricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship awards and financial assistance. To benefit from these opportunities, one has to make sure to send all the required documents by particular deadlines. In addition to this, the presentation of the application is also important because one is judged by the image one projects.

Documents required: The documents usually needed for a scholarship application are as follow, although the requirements may differ:

• Academic records and photocopies
• A recent CV
• A letter of intent, which acts as a cover page
• Certificate of Language Proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS scores)
• Letters of Referenc


Educational loans are available from Indian Nationalized banks. Particular colleges and universities also support to avail loan on subsidized rates for students. Make sure you can represent all the documents desired and required by college authority or bank.

What is an student visa?

India offers different sorts of visas, contingent upon the reason for visit. Students visa is a visa particularly for the understudies needing to come to India for instruction reason. Students Visas are issued for the length of time of the scholarly course of study or for a time of five years whichever is less, on the premise of letters of affirmation from Universities/perceived schools or instructive foundations in India.

What are the pre-necessities for obtaining an students visa?

To apply/be qualified for an students visa, you have to fit in with the accompanying conditions.

On the off chance that you are on Government of India grants, the separate Indian missions would be prompted by ICCR to issue a normal students visa after your affirmation in an Indian college is affirmed. Then again, on the off chance that you are nearing as a self-financing students, you have to create letters of confirmation from colleges or perceived schools and organizations in India for getting the normal students visa.

On the off chance that you are impending as an exploration students, summary of the examination venture countersigned by the supporting foundation in India alongside letter of approbation are no protest declaration from the concerned Ministries in India ought to be submitted for important visa.

Note: Processing of uses for exploration may take around three months.

Could I get the visa regardless of the possibility that I don't have an affirmed confirmation letter?

Try not to stress if your confirmation is still not affirmed. Understudies not having firm letters of confirmation from colleges or organizations are issued Provisional Student Visa by the Indian missions abroad, on the premise of temporary letters of affirmations. However Provisional Student Visa is substantial for 3 months. Inside of these 3 months, your affirmation should be affirmed else you will need to leave India.No augmentation of Provisional Student Visa is allowed.

Could I change my University/College in the wake of coming to India?

You have to say the name of the Institute while applying for the visa, which is then said on the visa. A solicitation for change of college or organization thusly made can't be considered. For this situation you would be obliged to do a reversal to your nation of origin and apply for another visa.

Can I get my visitor visa changed over to an students visa?

"Change of reason" of visit of universal understudies to India is not permitted once they touch base in India. Along these lines, in the event that you come to India on visitor or whatever other kind of visa, you can't get this visa changed to students visa.

As indicated by government regulations, if a global students coming to India on a vacationer or some other kind of visa (aside from an students visa ), acquires induction into a college or any establishment in India, the students will be obliged to come back to his nation and get another visa (i.e. an students visa) from the Indian mission there.

To evade this circumstance, all self-financing worldwide understudies are encouraged to acquire customary or temporary students visa from Indian missions abroad by delivering affirmed or temporary letters of affirmation from a college or a foundation.

Where would I be able to apply for the visa?

The visa can be connected for from any of the Indian Embassies/High Commission. Snap here to see the rundown of Indian Embassies/High Commission.

Are there any guidelines & regulations that I have to fit in with? Yes, while applying for the visa you have to remember the accompanying regulations:

Identification legitimate for at least six months past the date of planned takeoff from India ought to go with your visa application.

Understudies holding different nationalities (other than the nation where applying for visa), ought to submit verification of long haul (no less than three years)/perpetual habitation in the nation (where applying). For resident of different nations, a reference must be made to their nation of home for which an extra charge is pertinent and will include additional handling time. If you don't mind shun making request about the status of use amid this time.

What amount is the students visa charges?

The expense structure relies on upon the nationality of the international ID holder and sort/span of visa connected. These charges are payable in the neighborhood money too. It would be ideal if you check with the Indian international safe haven in your nation for precise visa charges.

STUDYHELPDESK administrations for Student VISA

STUDYHELPDESK helps in arrangement of the confirmation of global understudies and sends them affirmation offer letter alongside the temporary confirmation letter got from the foundation. The understudies need to present these letters at the Indian government office in their particular nations to get the visa.


Data for Foreign Students :


All persons, with the exception of nationals of Bhutan and Nepal, leaving via air, street or rail need to fill in an Embarkation Card at the season of takeoff.

FRRO (Foreigner's Regional Registration Office) De-Registration

Each outsider why should about withdraw at long last from India must surrender his Certificate of Registration either to the Registration Officer of the spot where he is enlisted or of the spot from where he wants to leave or to the Immigration Officer at the Port/Check post of way out from India.

1.Currency and different articles not to be taken out.

2.Obtain a "No Objection Certificate" from the University. The students needs to clear every one of his duty, for example, inn, chaos charges, library contribution and so on before this endorsement is issued.

3.Submitting an application on the suitable structure (i.e. imprint sheet and confirmation of taking the examinations); it will be issued as a rule a week after the outcomes are out.

4.Submitting a structure in the college organization office for the first degree/confirmation to be sent home-that can take up to two years.

5.Asking for a letter of acknowledgment/proposal/confirmation from the students's professor(s), if needed.

6.Obtaining an Income Tax Clearance Certificate from the concerned Income Tax Office. This is obliged to be given to the Indian Immigration Authorities at the season of takeoff. The Income Tax Certificate is endless supply of a "No Objection Certificate" from Institute/University.

7.The students ought to finish the traditions' leeway structure (acquiring from the Income Tax Office) in the wake of shutting his financial balance.

8.Obtain a composed authorization or 'no complaint' to leave India from FRRO in the FRRO enlistment booklet.

9.One ought to answer to the airplane terminal no less than three hours prior to weigh in.

10.Student wanting to leave India subsequent to finishing their studies might generous contact us for additional data.


India Visa and Passport Requirements


Passport required

Return ticket required

Visa required













Other EU








Travel papers:

A travel permit legitimate for no less than 180 days and with no less than two clear pages is needed by all nationals alluded to in the graph above.


Visas for India are needed by all nationals alluded to in the diagram above.

Nationals not alluded to in the diagram are encouraged to contact the government office to check visa prerequisites for India

Visa note:

A Tourist Visa on Arrival plan as of now exists for the accompanying nations: Cambodia, Finland, Indonesia, Japan , Laos, Luxembourg, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore,Vietnam. The visa is substantial for up to 30 days and for tourism just. It costs US$60. From October 2014, this plan is being reached out to nationals of 180 nations, whereby visitors will have the capacity to apply for the visa online and lift it up on landing in an airplane terminal inside of three days.

Certain parts of the nation have been assigned secured or confined ranges that oblige extraordinary licenses and now and again earlier government authorisation. You ought to demonstrate your aim to visit a particular limited district when applying for a visa and a grant will be conceded to visit that area just. It is exhorted that you apply for the unique license for limited territories when you enter India by going to the FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration Office) which has workplaces in all major Indian airplane terminals and urban communities. You must finish an extra frame, however there is no expense for a limited region license.

Travelers are encouraged to check with the office for progressive data before flight. You must fill in application frames totally, and with however much detail as could reasonably be expected, generally the application may be rejected and another application just permitted following three months have passed.


Sorts and expense:

For UK nationals: travel visa: £56; visitor visa: £82 (up to six months), £277 (up to two years); business visa: £107 (six months), £277 (up to two years).

For different nationals recorded in the diagram above: travel visa: £17; traveler visa: £32 (up to six months), £52 (up to one year); business visa: charges change as per nationality.

All visa applications are liable to a non-refundable £10.20 VFS administration charge.


Travel: up to 15 days inside of three months of the date of issue.

Visitor/business: three to six months, or maybe a couple years (most extreme stay of 180 days for every visit).

Visas are legitimate from the date of issue not your date of takeoff.

Application to:

Cconsular segment at your closest international safe haven or high commission. For UK nationals, India has outsourced its visa application administrations to VF Services. There are additionally Indian Visa Application Centers in London, Hayes, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Leicester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. In the USA, India's visa application administrations are taken care of by Travisa Outsourcing

Working days:

All visa applications in the UK now must be recorded on the web. After the required electronic documenting of visa applications, candidates are solicited to submit printed duplicates from their applications, photographs, visas and expenses to individual Indian Visa Application Centers (IVACs). Handling times fluctuate at the sole caution of the High Commission of India and its offices in the UK, and a few applications may take longer than others to get prepared. You ought to affirm your trip arranges strictly when getting the visa.

Postal applications take at least 10 working days (excluding travel). What's more, if the High Commission or the Consulate General requires a candidate to go to a meeting, the India Visa Application Center will contact the candidate and educate them of the date and time of the meeting as needs be.




In India students are used to the concept of campus placements and on-campus recruitment for getting jobs. Most of the well-known institutes provides on campus recruitment opportunities. With this students can shape their carrier in India. Also as India is fastest growing country in world there are no of multi-National companies who have started their organizations in India. So, after your post Study you can definitely make your dream career in India. Companies that recruit through the university do not offer a job directly. What they offer is an internship or co-op. Companies like to see your work for few months before they hire you full time.

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