Indonesia Culture


There is a Muslim dominant part of give or take 90%, with Christian, Hindu (principally in Bali) and Buddhist minorities. Flexibility of religion is revered in the constitution.

Social traditions:

Social kindnesses are frequently genuinely formal. Utilizing a couple expressions of the nearby dialect will be acknowledged. At the point when beverage or sustenance is served, it ought not be touched until the host welcomes the visitor to do as such. Never pass or acknowledge anything with the left hand, as this is seen as unclean. Open presentations of fondness in the middle of men and ladies are scowled upon,
and kissing in broad daylight will pull in a lot of undesirable consideration. Touching an outsider of the same sex while in discussion is exceptionally regular. Grinning is a social convention and Indonesians grin every now and again, even in an uncomfortable or troublesome circumstance. Guests ought to abstain from losing their temper as concealing any hint of failure face is imperative in Indonesian society; sightseers ought to abstain from placing others in a circumstance where they may feel humiliated or embarrassed. Both men and ladies ought to fare thee  well to dress in a proper path for their surroundings – whilst a more easygoing state of mind may be fine in Bali, Aceh is fairly more moderate and you may be relied upon to conceal somewhat more.

Language in Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia is the official national dialect. Through and through, there are an expected 583 dialects and tongues talked in the archipelago. The more seasoned era still communicates in Dutch as a second dialect and English is broadly talked in tourist areas.

Students around the globe are usual to the pleasures of moment noodles, yet have you attempted them Indo-road style? Indonesia is shabby, hot, intriguing and the nourishment is excellent. The way of life is rich and differing, the history exciting and unfortunate and the plenty of wondrous normal and man-made destinations; from huge sanctuaries to dynamic volcanoes, inimitable coral reefs to wild rainforests will thump your flip-flounders off.


Indonesia has an incredible accumulation of magnificent colleges and in addition bounteous material, craftsmanship, music and different courses perfectly customized for universal students. The most well known subject to study in Indonesia is dialect; whether you're quick to ace Arabic on the planet's biggest Muslim country or need to take in the national lingo: Bahasa Indonesia.


Water utilized for drinking, brushing teeth or making ice ought to have first been bubbled or disinfected. Stay away from dairy items that are prone to have been produced using unboiled milk. Just eat all around cooked meat and fish. Vegetables ought to be cooked and organic product peeled.

Contract a wellbeing protection that would incorporate crisis repatriation spread. Satisfactory routine medicinal consideration is accessible in every single major citie, yet crisis administrations are by and large lacking outside real urban areas. Specialists and healing centers regularly expect quick money installments before any treatment is given. Centers providing food particularly to outsiders can be found in most capital urban communities. Albeit therapeutic expenses are moderately shabby, medications can be costly.


Remote coin can without much of a stretch be traded at banks, lodgings and cash changers in significant traveler destinations; US dollars are the most acknowledged money. Money regularly yields a superior conversion scale than explorers' checks, which are not generally acknowledged. It is suggested that explorers' weighs likewise be in US dollars. Most real Mastercards are acknowledged at Hotels, eateries and stores coddling the traveler exchange. ATMs are accessible in primary focuses.


Transport: Indonesia is the place where there is jam karet (actually 'elastic time'), and confounded excursions including more than a solitary change ought not be endeavored in a day. Transport charges are generally low; most are altered, with a higher cost for the aerated and cooled transports which have more space than on the confined standard transports. There are night transports on various long-separation courses; pre-booking is crucial. Guests ought to note that transports can be to a great degree swarmed, and that drivers are neglectful. Lorena Transport) work a broad system of courses on Java and Sumatra.

Taxi: Widely accessible in urban areas and towns. Ojek (cruiser taxis) are accessible in urban areas and towns and they assemble at street intersections. The driver ought to give a cap and you must concur on the admission before beginning the excursion.


Wandering understandings exist with most worldwide cell telephone organizations. Scope may be restricted to primary towns and urban communities. There are Internet bistros in every major citie and visitor destinations. Nation code: 62 (trailed by 22 for Bandung, 361 for Bali, 21 for Jakarta, 61 for Medan and 31 for Surabaya). Numerous lodging halls have open telephones which assume praise cards and telephone cards. State-worked telephone stalls or workplaces (Telkom) and exclusive organizations (wartel, warpostelwarparpostel), which deal with a pay-as-you-leave premise, can be found in towns and urban areas all through the nation.



Bis (transports) are the most widely recognized method for open transportation in Jakarta. There are a substantial number of transport organizations adjusting courses in Jakarta. A number of the bigger transports situate 25-40 individuals. Charge for consistent transport is as of now Rp 1200/trek, while for the ventilated transport (Mayasari or Patas AC) is Rp 3.500/outing. For airplane terminal exchange, with the exception of taxis, Damri transports are likewise dependable.

The transport number and begin/end purposes of every transport course are unmistakable at the front of the transport. Between city transports to significant urban areas in Java and Sumatra are positioned in the focal transport terminals - Pulo Gadung, Kampung Rambutan, Lebak Bulus, Blok M, and Kota.


Busway: The quick transports on an uncommon busway have been worked to suit travelers working in occupied business ranges (Blok M-Kota by means of Jalan Sudirman). The busway is additionally all around joined with real railroad stations.

Simply visit the site of Trans Jakarta at whatever time you require data on trans jakarta calendars and ticket admissions.


A passenger train (kereta programming interface) runs consistently from Jakarta to Bogor by means of Depok. It is a modest transport of the masses. Trains to other significant urban communities on Java leave from Gambir, Senen and Jatinegara stations. A few trains are bookable ahead of time. Trains have been an agreeable transportation for between city go with sensible cost. Simply visit the site of Indonesian Railways whenever you require data on train calendars and ticket tolls.


Taxis are effortlessly discovered all over the place in the roads of Jakarta. Taking a taxi could be as dependable as utilizing an individual auto. At 'banner fall' the meter (argo) begins at Rp 5,000 (for customary taxi).

Where to stay in Indonesia


Hotels, from grand to spending plan, can be found in many towns the nation over, while worldwide Hotels are for the most part found in significant towns and vacationer zones. Most decision can be found in Jakartaand on Bali, with the global lodging scene changing generally, from corporate behemoths to the laid back extravagance on offer at Nihiwatu on Sumba.

There's something to suit each financial plan in Indonesia, with even top of the line Hotels appearing to be similarly bargainous as far as quality for cash. Whilst high in expenses are charged (10% administration, in addition to 11% administration duty), contingent upon the lodging, these will essentially be moved up into the last bill. Resort lodgings on Bali shift from worldwide class, extravagance Hotels to shoreline bungalows. Most lodgings incorporate pools and will supply recreation hardware for an extra expense. Wi-Fi is additionally all the more promptly accessible, even in rustic ranges, in spite of the fact that the association may be moderate.

Reviewing: All Hotels are evaluated by.

Bed and breakfast:

Modest guesthouses with no cooling and shared fundamental Indonesian-style bathrooms are well known with guests for short remains. There are additionally shoreline and lakeside chalets. On Sumatra it is conceivable to stay in a generation of a customary batak house with its particular high, pointed rooftop.


Not very many authority campgrounds exist so be arranged to bring your own tent and get authorization to camp in a town, or on an agriculturist's property for a little charge. National parks fluctuate with reference to regardless of whether they permit outdoors.

Other settlement:

Families in some cases lease extra rooms. In the towns, this may be in conventional homes and in addition long houses or town cabins. In more remote spots, guests ought to pick up authorization from the town head.

Bali highlights numerous self-providing food manors, which can be disengaged and rich; most are little and characterful. These have a tendency to be promoted by regional standards or on sites. Hotels are likewise a mainstream choice for the individuals who are on a financial plan. These have a tendency to be shoddy and bright, with shared offices.

Followed is the admission process in Indonesia.

1.Get the Application Form (Rp 200.000)
2.Submit these required documents:

A complete Application Form with correct and valid information

Receipt of application fee payment

1 (one) copy of valid ID card or passport

1 (one) official copy of X and XI grade report book

2 (two) 4x6 cm color photo

i3L Fee Statement letter, filled out and signed with a Rp 6.000 legal seal      

For International students, submit these following additional requirement:

1 (one) copy of valid passport

Guarantee financial statement

Law and employment declaration

Medical certificate from a doctor

Medical insurance which can be claimed in Indonesia                                                                                                                                                                                   

Living Expenses

Within Indonesia, Depok is one of the most affordable cities in which to live.

Depok offers a good standard of living at a comparatively low cost. Compared to other study destinations, Depok provides excellent value for money. The annual cost of living depends on the student's lifestyle and type of accommodation, but Rp. 2.350.000 (US$253) per month should generously cover all living expenses (not including tuition fees).

Students should also have additional funds to pay for initial establishment costs, textbooks, equipment, incidentals, local transport, temporary accommodation, and entertainment.

It is also important that you allow for transport costs of approximately Rp. 35.000 (US$4) per week if you live off campus. Include extra costs in your budget, if you intend to do some traveling to places like Bandung, Bali or Sumatra while you are in Indonesia.

The following comparative table gives an indication of the type of expenses and average costs international students will need to meet.

Obtaining a Visa

It is mandatory for all nonnatives, so we prescribe you to contact the international safe haven to check visa prerequisites.

Sorts of visa and expense: Single-section: £35. Various passage: £125 (business just). Travel: £15. Vacationer visas issued on landing: reliant on port of section, check with pertinent government office. Charges are non-refundable.

Indonesia Visa and Passport Requirements


Passport required

Return ticket required

Visa required













Other EU








Passports :

To enter Indonesia, a travel permit substantial for no less than six months from the date of section is needed by all nationals alluded to in the graph above.


Visas are needed by all nationals alluded to in the diagram above.

Nationals not alluded to in the diagram are encouraged to contact the international safe haven to check visa necessities for Indonesia.

Visa note:

All nationals alluded to in the diagram are qualified for a 30-day visa on landing in Indonesia, which can now and then be reached out for an additional 30 days, with the exception of nationals of Croatia, who must acquire a visa ahead of time.

A forward ticket is needed.

For more stays, or for non-touristic stays, you ought to apply for a visa ahead of time.

For the visa on entry, you must enter Indonesia through one of the principle ports recorded beneath:

Air terminals: Adi Juanda (Surabaya), Adisutjipto (Yogyakarta), Adi Sumarno (Solo), El Tari (Kupang), Halim Perdanakusuma , Hassanudin (Makasar), Ngurah Rai (Denpasar), Polonia (Medan), Sam Ratulangi (Manado), Selaparang (Mataram), Sepinggan (Balik Papan), Soekarno Hatta (Jakarta), Sultan Syarif Kasim II (Pekan Baru) and Tabing (Padang).

Seaports: Bandar Bintan, Selani Lagoi and Bandar Sri Udana Lobam (Tanjung Uban, Bintan), Batu Ampar, Marina Teluk Senimba, Nongsa, Sekupang and Batam Center (Batam Island), Belawan (North Sumatera), Benoa (Island of Bali) Bitung (Sulawesi), Bitung (Sulawsi), Jayapura (Irian Jaya), Marina Teluk Senimba (Batam Island), Maumere (East Nusa Tenggara), Padang Bai (Bali), Pare-Pare (South Sulawesi), Sibolga (North Sumatera), Soekarno-Hatta (Makasar), Sri Bintan Pura (Riau), Tanjung Balai Karimun (Sumatera), Tanjung Mas (Semarang), Tanjung Priok (Jakarta), Teluk Bayur (Padang), Tenau (Kupang) and Yos Sudarso (Dumai, Sumatra).


Guests who out-stay their visa will be fined US$20 every day. Guests staying longer than 60 days hazard extensive fines and may confront expelling or detainment.


Sorts and expense:

Visa on entry: US$25.

Development visas: travel visa: £15; vacationer/business visa: £35; different section business visa: £100.


Visa on landing: 30 days; travel visa: seven days; vacationer/business visa: 60 days; numerous section business visa: one year.

Application to:

Either on landing in an assigned port of passage or ahead of time at the department (or consular area of international safe haven).

Provisional home:

For visits of up to one year, you must apply to the closest Indonesian Embassy for a provisional stay license.

Working days:

On the off chance that you apply ahead of time, visa preparing normally three days from receipt, however it can take up to two months for nationals whose applications should be alluded to the Immigration Office in Indonesia.

Extension of stay: You can now and then broaden your 30-day visa on entry for a further 30 days at an expense of US$25.

Doing business in Indonesia

Study in Indonesia can be one of the best decisions. Later the focus comes on Post study visa options. Business dealings ought to be led through a specialists and have a tendency to be moderate. Reliability is normal however be mindful that your host may be running late and this is very basic. Business cards are broadly utilized and it is pleasant to take incredible enthusiasm for any card that is gotten. It is routine to welcome by shaking hands and giving a slight bow with the head on meeting. The same bow of the head ought to be made when taking your leave. Writing ought to be in English, however costs ought to be cited in US Dollars and additionally Pounds Sterling.

Available time:

Mon-Fri 0900-1700 or 0800-1600. Government available time: Mon-Fri 0800-1600 and Sat 0800-1200.


Taking after the Asian financial emergency in 1997, the economy balanced out again by 1999 and, since 2000, has continued consistent yearly development, which was at 5.9% in 2008. What's more, in October 2006, Jakarta paid off its remarkable IMF obligation, brought about amid the emergency, four years in front of calendar. From 2010 to 2012, the economy became by 6%, whilst unemployment had diminished marginally since 2008 to 6.1% in 2012.

Oil and regular gas are the most critical crude materials created by Indonesia. Tourism has turn into a noteworthy industry and imperative wellspring of outside trade, in spite of the fact that it endured in the wake of the Bali bomb assaults, and additionally the torrent. Neediness and absence of foundation are still significant difficulties which stay to be comprehended by the administration. The cutting of state fuel endowments in May 2008 prompted a 29% ascent in the cost of fuel, however Indonesia keeps on having a percentage of the least expensive fuel costs on the planet, in spite of a push to build costs in 2013. As tourism is one of Indonesia's greatest businesses and there are lodgings and focuses to cook for meetings in all the significant towns over the islands.

Gross domestic product:

US$878.2billion (2013).

Primary fares:

Oil, gas, electrical machines, materials and elastic.

Primary imports:

Apparatus and hardware, chemicals, fuel and sustenance.

Primary exchanging accomplices:

Japan, Singapore, USA, China and Korea (Rep).

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